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Sister Lorraine


Sister Lorraine was one of those people who had money coming to her, but she DID NOT KNOW IT — until one Sunday while Rev. Ike was preaching and receiving the people’s Tithes and Donations, under the Sweet Anointing of the Holy Spirit. At our Church in New York City, the Spirit showed Rev. Ike a vision of some blessings above the heads of the people. He gave them this PROPHECY: "SOME BIG MONEY AND BIG BLESSINGS HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET TO YOU! ARE YOU READY TO RECEIVE THEM?"

Sister Lorraine BELIEVED, OBEYED, and GAVE. She asked Rev. Ike to pray for her, and THAT VERY WEEK she found out that a BIG MONEY BLESSING HAD BEEN TRYING TO GET TO HER. But because it was unknown to her, it "went back" over seven years before! It was supposed to be "too late" to get it, but when she was told that she couldn't claim it anymore, she prayed this prayer that Rev. Ike taught her:

"God-in-me is my EVERYTHING; I don’t have to worry about ANYTHING!"

And that UNKNOWN, UNCLAIMED BIG MONEY BLESSING that "went back," came to her IMMEDIATELY! Glory to God! And it came back with INTEREST! The total she got was $119,800.66!

According to the "facts," she could not get it. But remember, God is above "hard facts." "God specializes in things impossible — and He can do what no other power can do!” Sister Lorraine gave her Tithes and Offerings of thousands of dollars to this Church Ministry. She said, "If it wasn't for Rev. Ike, I would not have ever even KNOWN about that Money. So I am HAPPY to give Rev. Ike my Tithes and Offerings for the Church Ministry."




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