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Bishop E. Bernard Jordan


Rev. Ike is a mentor to Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, of Zoe Ministries. Here, Bishop Jordan accepts a new THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND-DOLLAR Rolls Royce Church Car from Rev. Run, of the Hip-Hop Rap Group, RUN DMC. Rev. Run became a multi-million-dollar entrepreneur through Bishop Jordan's PROPHECIES to him, and by giving tithes and donations to the Church Ministry.

The Spirit told Rev. Run and his wife, Rev. Justine, "BUY GOD A CAR!" — so they bought and GAVE one of the best and most expensive cars in the world! Immediately, Bishop Jordan RUSHED Rev. Ike a THIRTY-THOUSAND DOLLAR tithe on the car!

These are Men of God who know how to “set themselves up” for BIG BLESSINGS and BIG MONEY, by giving tithes and big offerings. When Bishop Jordan wants and needs extra BIG MONEY for his Church Ministry, he sends Rev. Ike a BIG TITHE/OFFERING IN ADVANCE!

Bishop Jordan needed an extra FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS one week to buy 107 acres of Church property, for "HOLY GROUND, ON MIRACLE MOUNTAIN." He sent Rev. Ike the ADVANCE Tithe ($40,000.00) on Sunday, got the extra $400,000.00 that very week, and bought the property for a Church and retreat center. "

"TAKE NOTICE of a man — A STATE OF MIND (A MIND-SET) who knows THE RIGHT WAY to PERFECTLY SET HIMSELF UP for ALL the Good, Prosperity, and Money he wants and needs. For that man shall always get the GOOD results that he desires." - Job 34:11 MV

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