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Sister Henrietta


Rev. Ike prayed and saw God give Sister Henrietta TWO BRAND NEW LUNGS, when she was bleeding and dying in the TB hospital, with her old lungs collapsed against her chest. The doctors were amazed and never could understand how she was healed. She kept saying, “REV. IKE PRAYED FOR ME, and GOD GAVE ME TWO NEW LUNGS!” She became a Pentecostal Evangelist, and now preaches like John the Baptist!

“But to whom did God SWEAR that they should NOT enter into his rest; but to them that DID NOT BELIEVE. So take heed that there be NOT in you an evil heart of UNBELIEF.” - Hebrews 3:12


Sister Henrietta wrote to Rev. Ike for prayer, every week from the State TB Hospital. But, finally, it looked hopeless. Both of her her lungs collapsed against her chest, and she was bleeding — hemorrhaging to death!

Her kids brought her home on a weekend pass, put her to bed at home and asked Rev. Ike to come and pray for her in person. That was over 30 years ago. Now, people send for Rev. Ike’s Prayer Cloths, and they are getting the same kind of miracles.

When Rev. Ike got there, he walked into Sister Henrietta’s room where she lay in bed, read a short scripture from the Holy Bible where Jesus healed somebody, and prayed a short prayer, before leaving to go back to the Church for the evening meeting.

Somebody who was there that night came and told Rev. Ike, “You should NOT have left so soon. That woman jumped out of bed, and danced all over that room, shouting, ‘GOD GAVE ME TWO NEW LUNGS’!”

When they took her back to the TB Hospital, she told the doctor, “Rev. Ike prayed for me and God gave me two new lungs!”

Perhaps the doctor thought, “This ‘crazy’ woman went to some ‘crazy’ preacher!” But, after the many X-rays, the doctor may have thought HE was “crazy” one! Henrietta’s two new healthy lungs kept showing up on the new X-rays! He had the previous X-rays for comparison! Many doctors who heard about what happened to Henrietta discussed the case for weeks!




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