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Mark Victor Hansen


Multi-Millionaire, and Co-Author of the “Chicken Soup” books tells EVERYBODY, “I learned this from REV. IKE!”

A publishing and speaking expert, Mark Victor Hansen is an expert in instructing people on how to achieve personal and professional success. His bestselling books include Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Master Motivator, and Principles and Ideas for Self-Motivation. He and his wife practice and teach the principle of tithing and GIVING and can testify to the miracles it brings. He is a long-time supporter of Rev. Ike’s Ministry and has credited Rev. Ike for teaching him the principles that he’s applied to his life in order to manifest his dreams.

Mark Victor Hansen gives his own testimony on Rev. Ike’s TV Program, “Master of Money,” and at his own seminars:

“I went bankrupt and was WIPED OUT financially. I was sleeping in front of a door, when somebody said, ‘What you need to do is hear Rev. Ike."

“I went to hear him at his Church, and I was ‘WOWED!’ At that time I had NEVER heard anybody preach and teach Positive Self-Image Psychology and Self-Motivation like Rev. Ike."

“I sat in the pews of his Church and worked with his ‘stuff’ and now I am blessed to live in a fine house with my lovely wife and two daughters. We live in dignity and style and I am successful and prosperous beyond my wildest dreams.”

Just like Rev. Ike teaches, Mark Victor Hansen says, “…keep dreaming until you have the whole picture of what you want to accomplish. You have to know exactly what you want to achieve. Next, put the goal in writing, look at it every day, and begin to visualize yourself reaching that goal. Then, put together a team to get your dream. Find somebody who is a success in your field of interest, and ask them to teach you what they know. If you follow these steps, you will achieve even more than you dream.”




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