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Brother and Sister Davis


Whatever a man SOWS [PLANTS]; THAT shall he also REAP.”
- Gal. 6:07

TWO CENTS was all Brother Davis had; he was also out of work when he sent Rev. Ike FOUR PRAYER REQUESTS PLUS a borrowed donation. He got ALL OF THESE PRAYER REQUESTS answered, AND MORE. Even though he was down to only 2 cents, and no job, he BORROWED a donation and sent it with his FOUR PRAYER REQUESTS. He worked with Rev. Ike’s teachings and started giving on a regular basis, but he STARTED FROM ONLY TWO CENTS! He is now a prosperous, successful business man, with a “Miracle Wife!”

People ask, “Rev. Ike, what can your ‘STUFF’ do for somebody down and out?” Well, here is an example. Look at Brother Davis:

His 2 Cents PLUS A Borrowed Donation Are Turning Into Miracles and Millions!

He said, “I was down to TWO CENTS... Laid off my job, and getting only $22.00 a week unemployment. After I wrote Rev. Ike, began giving regularly, and started applying his teachings to my life, here’s what happened with the four Prayer Requests I sent him,” says Brother Davis:

• “I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars — many times over!”

• “I bought several fine houses! Also, I now own several income-producing houses. I just closed a big deal on some more money-making property in Las Vegas.”

• “I bought a wonderful new Mercedes, plus several limousines, which continue to earn money for me and my family!”

• “And here is my very fine wife, that I asked Rev. Ike to pray for me to get!”

His wife gave the following testimony:

“Last year I was diagnosed as having ovarian cancer. But I never did feel like I had it. I never did accept the idea of having cancer. I took the medical treatment anyway, asked Rev. Ike to pray for me, and now I am healed! Thank God!”




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