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The Bible:

"I greatly value the Bible and interpret it psychologically, rather than theologically, to teach the individual positive selfawareness. One of my favorite passages is, "As a man thinks so is he." (Proverbs 23:07)

I consider the Bible to be the greatest book of spiritual psychology ever written.

Using my practical Mind Science techniques, I teach the individual to build an ideal self-image of how he or she would like his/her life and circumstances to be... visualizing these images in the mind, and applying certain principles, an individual can actually bring these things into being.

As the saying goes, "If your mind can conceive it, then you
can achieve it."

My Philosophy:

"My philosophy may be described as self-image psychology. The ultimate goal is to teach the individual to be master of his/ her own mind and affairs by changing his/her own self-image and attitude.

Through positive self-awareness, the individual can change the conditions and circumstances in his or her own life.

I teach the individual that they can BE what they want to be, DO what they want to do, and HAVE what they want to have, through the Presence and Power of God, which is in each person."

The Intent of My Teachings:

"The intent of my teachings is to deal head-on with people's problems, fears, superstitions, and negative thinking - and to help them become aware that the "GOD-IN-YOU" is greater, and gives the Power to overcome.

The intent is to motivate people into the kind of positive
thinking and faith in action, which produce Good Health, Healing,
Joy, Love, Success, Prosperity, Good Fortune, and More Money.

Over the years, I have seen many people turn their minds, thinking, and faith around, and have miraculous results! This is our intent and joy!"

The People Who Follow My Teachings:

"I'm not trying to gather followers unto myself. It has never been my purpose to herd the masses into the folds of organized religion.

My purpose is to bring the individual to an awareness of his own in-dwelling Divinity and to believe in the God within.

When a person learns to think of him/herself positively and correctly, then he/she can become independent.

I'm trying to get people of all races and religions to believe in themselves so correctly and so positively, that they can be independent spiritually, mentally, and economically."


"Like churches in general, we do ask for money to support the
ongoing activities of this Ministry. We believe in, and teach the
Blessing of Giving - and it WORKS! When people learn how to
BELIEVE and GIVE, they LIVE and RECEIVE more
abundantly." (Jesus, St. John 10:10)

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Love, Peace, and Prosperity,

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